Fight 1

Fiona Chrystall defeats Tiffany Conama by Split Decision (115) (Ref. Herb Dean) (Amateur)


Fight 2

Jordan Espinosa defeats Bobby Escalante in round 1 (3:30) by way of Darce Choke (130) (Ref. Josh Rosenthal) (Pro)


Fight 3

Nohelin Hernandez defeats Martin Day in round 1 (3:20) by TKO/punches (135) (Herb Dean) (Pro)


Fight 4

 Adrian Diaz defeats Chris Culley by Guillotine in round 1 (:41) (155) (Ref. Josh Rosenthal) (Pro)


Fight 5

Tyler Diamond defeats Ran Weathers in round 1 (3:10) by way of TKO/Knees (145) (Ref. Herb Dean) (Pro)


Fight 6

Barbara Acioly defeats Jamie Thorton in round 1 (4:35) by way of Triangle Choke (125) (Ref. Josh Rosenthal) (Pro)


Fight 7

Anthony Hernandez defeats Michael Persons in round 1 (1:54) by way of Guillotine Choke (185) (Ref. Herb Dean) (Pro)


Co Main Event

Sam Toomer defeats Anthony Avila in round 1 (1:57) by way of TKO/Punches (145) (Josh Rosenthal) (Pro)


Main Event - Middleweight Championship

Angel DeAnda defeats Justin Baesman in round 3 (3;20) by way of TKO/Punches  (185 Championship) (Herb Dean)(Pro)




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